Herbarium and Botanical Garden_Dimple Rana, Y3

In 1854 ‘Histoire Naturelle de Isle Canaries’ was published; a complete and thorough collection, documentation and classification of the flora of the Canary Islands. This book currently resides in the herbarium of the University of Florence. This project aims to recreate the work (originally comprised of 106 instalments) and place it in amongst today’s archipelago.

The Botanical Garden recreates the different climate zones of the islands. These zones overlap allowing flora from in-between climates to exist between more then one zone. The building continues the ascent of the landscape so that visitors begin from the ground level and work their way upwards.

The four towers function as the Herbarium. The main ‘spirit tower’ holds the spirit collection of plant specimens, while two smaller towers hold preserved fruit and seed samples dried in the fourth tower. The building is raised from the ground allowing the planted flora to coexist with those already on site.

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