Monthly Archives: October 2012


Christopher Malin produced this video by using ‘image stacking’ software and the archive of photos taken from the International Space Station. Using software called StarStaX he creates landscapes of light and spaces conjured through a digital photographic process. The video becomes a strange landscape of stationary-movement.

By combining the software designed for star-trail imagery with other light sources, curious ephemeral architectural effects might be achieved such as this photo by flickr user Ningaloo:

Image by Christian Pramuk featured in Wired.

An article in Wired details how visitors to a special event at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum used software which can interpolate standard photographs into printable 3d models.

Using Autodesk 123D, through uploading photographs from multiple angles, one can compose a 3D model of an object.

See here:

The application can even be used on phones and iPads in order to capture imagery which is then constructed into 3D to be printed, rendered or shared.