Concept art: ‘Analogue’ and digital working processes

Concept artist Roel Jovellano uses a time lapse video to demonstrate his process of designing a weapon structure for the forthcoming game Planetside. It is interesting to note the methods by which the design is realised, first through quick digital sketches using a tablet, through to a 3d model fleshing out these concepts into a ‘physical’ form from which a render is taken and then worked back into by (digitised) hand. This composite, conversational way of working between the 2D and 3D, and the rapidity of the thought generating sketch vs. the computer model is increasingly relevant to the ways architects work nowadays – or rather how the visualisation industry produces this composite architectures enmeshed together from layers of ‘true’ (constructed) or ‘false’ (indicative) geometries designed to illustrate the proposition in its most evocative light.

And in relation to architecture students, it gives insight into the potential ways in which atmospheric and textural qualities may be deployed and through digital painting spaces can be augmented to enliven an architectural scene.


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